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About Us

About GIFT
Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology or GIFT, as we like to call it ourselves, is a quality institute of Design Education in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Our Work
GIFT provides industry intensive courses in major fields in Design. Certified courses in Fashion Designing, Interior Designing and Jewelry Designing are highlighting programs offered at the institute. Apart from these popular courses, programs in Textile Design and Computers are also offered for a well-rounded scope.

Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology is unique in the sense that we have a balanced mix of artistic development and career formation. When we provide systematic education and training in arts and design, we also, at the same time, nurture our students towards building a solid career of their choice.

Our Attitude
We at GIFT know that creativity only, will get you nowhere and focus on practical aspects like latest industry trends, professionalism, values and hard work. In addition to training, we also believe that everyone needs the ‘right push’ to make it in real-time Design industry and we strive to ensure that most of our students get that push.

Our courses in Computers are professionally focused and provide an industry-like hands-on experience for students so that they are industry ready in the digital age.

Our Future
With an impressive faculty, all the right connections and a personal touch, GIFT ensures highest quality in design education and successful placements. Our commitment to excellence and student’s trust we have grown since our humble beginning and are now proposing franchise to aspiring, passionate entrepreneurs.

The core spirit and attitude of Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology is governed by a few unique rules, which may be canonized as follows:

• To provide high quality of education in the field of Design, viz. Fashion, Interior, Jewelry and Textile Design and Computers
• Emphasize practical and industrially oriented approach in education
• Provide placement assistance to graduated students
• Provide professional courses (short or long) that inculcate creativity and create industry ready work force
• Amalgamate western design philosophy with Indian cultural and traditional values

All the activities of GIFT are designed and executed with these objectives as the ultimate ends to be accomplished. The GIFT administration, management and faculty all strive to ideally achieve these objectives in everyday working of the institution.

In the past decade or two, the fashion and overall design industry has established itself as a viable field of career in India. Moreover, designing professionals from India are being recognized on an international level.

Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology was created with these and the fact that there is a need for industrially oriented and socially responsible education and training in this field of human activity, in India. GIFT aims to empower and enable the vast and latent creative talent that does not have adequate opportunity for formal education in Fashion, Interior, Jewelry and Textile Designing.

It is the Vision of GIFT, to become a widespread educational institution based on Indian values and work toward the development of the society by providing affordable education that can support a livelihood.

In conclusion, Gurukul Institute is based on the idea if an all round education, which is practical, industry oriented and competent, which helps an individual realize his or her dreams through Design.

Call us : 91-82333-03434