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Career Opportunities

Fashion Design
Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world and also one of the most rewarding of creative human activities. Fashion design finds application in almost all walks of life, from everyday clothing to media industry, in theatre, television, films and many other fields. It is estimated that the demand for professionals trained in fashion design will increase significantly in the coming years.

These are a few standard opportunities in the fashion industry:
• Fashion Designer
• Fashion Consultant
• Fashion Forecaster
• Fashion Illustrator
• Fashion Merchandiser
• Pattern Maker
• Production Supervisor
• Fashion Stylist
• Pattern Designer
• Fashion Coordinator
• Personal Shopper

Interior Design
As long as people build homes and buildings they will always require an interior designer, what more can one say after this? Along with the general interior designer profession, here are a few other avenues one can find vast opportunities:

• Freelancer and Entrepreneurs
• Interior Designer
• Exhibition Designer
• Furniture Designer
• Design Consultant
• Lighting Designer
• CAD Designer
• Project Manager

Jewelry Design
This is another undying area of work, especially in India. A trained jewelry designer can work at several stages of ornament creation, all of which are handsomely remunerated.

These are some responsibilities in the jewelry industry:

• Jewelry Designer
• Product Development (Jewelry)
• Jewelry Merchandiser
• Sales and marketing Professional
• Jewelry Design Consultant

Textile Design
Textile industry is such a vast and varied field that an exhaustive list of all the job descriptions is a most difficult thing to do. Creating fabric is a multilevel process, the derivatives of this product are many, and a textile designer may be needed at almost all the stages of these processes.

Nevertheless, here are a handful of common job titles in textile design:

• Textile Designer
• Embroidery Designer
• In Dyeing and Printing Mill
• Textile Lab Manager
• Textile Faculty
• Home Furnishing Designer

Our world has been digitized and almost all of the work that was once done manually or by hand is now done with the help of computers. This has given way to a new brand of profession, one that needs specialized training in using computers.
A list of such careers is as follows:
• Computer Operator
• Data Entry Operator
• Computer Accountant
• DTP Designer
• CAD Designer
• Computer Programmer

Apart from the listed career options, there are many transient and intermediate jobs and positions in real-time industry that a student may encounter or be offered.

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