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Fashion Designing Course

What is Fashion Designing?
• It is the formal art of applying Design principles to apparel in an aesthetic sense
• It is a part of the fastest growing and moving industries in India and the world
• It is a highly diverse field of activity with several specializations and levels of expertise
• The most glamorous and one of the highly rewarding area of work

The fashion industry is one of the most active and rewarding of all the creative art based industries in the world. In India, the rise of fashion almost coincides with the women’s’ rights movements.

By the start of the 1990’s Indian designers were making waves on the international fashion arena and fashion became a full-fledged industry in the country.

The field of fashion designing is a particularly demanding one, with basic requirements in skill, perfectionism and creativity. The Fashion Designing programs at Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology are aimed to make you industry ready because just basic education is not enough.

The faculty and the syllabus is kept up to speed with the latest standards of the fashion industry and almost all the courses have a hands on approach, with the faculty mentoring promising students. Our course activity combines the technical aspects with the philosophy of fashion, aimed to inculcate a well-rounded understanding of the subject of choice.

A GIFT Fashion Designing program of choice is built to mould potential talent into a competent competitor on the national or even global fashion scene.

Studying Fashion Designing
• An exhaustive understanding of designing clothing or accessory, from concept to manufacturing
• Learn and develop skills like illustration, cutting, sewing and color selection in order to properly channel innate creativity
• Systematic study of color, texture, shape and form of attire and its objective and subjective effect
• Areas of study also includes a comprehensive study in various aspects of fashion history and also the study of standard practices in fashion management

GIFT Course Modules
• B.Sc. in Fashion Designing – 3 Years
• Advance Diploma in Fashion and Apparel Designing – 2 Years
• MBA in Fashion Designing – 2 Years

Professional Diploma in Fashion Designing
• Principles of Designing
• History of Costume
• Theme Based Designing
• Fashion Drawing
• Fashion Illustration
• Color Study for Fashion
• Drafting & Pattern Making
• Fashion Sketching
• Sewing Applications
• Medium Techniques
• Sampling
• Garment Construction
• Textiles Technique
• Embroidery
• Styles and Trends
• Market Survey & Project Work
• Fashion Communication
• Fashion Design using CAD

1 Year Professional Diploma
• Advance Fashion Illustration
• Advanced Sewing Techniques
• Indian Ethnic Wear
• Pattern Grading
• CAD for Fashion Design
• Draping
• Design Collection and Portfolio
• Merchandising
• Marketing Management
• Design Research and Development

Short Courses
• Creative Stitching (6 months)
• Fashion Illustration (6 months)
• Pattern Making (3 months)
• Apparel Merchandising (3 months)
• Boutique Management (4 months)

These short courses are suitable for amateurs and enthusiasts as well as professional who are looking for a quick addition to their existing skill-set.

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